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July 30, 2020

Top 5 Neighborhoods with land

Neighborhoods with land in the Temecula & Murrieta areas




Hey, guys, hey, this is Justin Short with "RE/MAX Real Pros" again, and I wanted to create another video for you to talk to you about the five top neighborhoods to live in here in the Temecula Murietta area if you want to live on some land. So if you want space, you want acreage, you want room from your neighbors, these are the top five best places to live. Let's go ahead and get into it.

Hey guys, hey, this is Justin Short with "RE/MAX Real Pros," and again, I sell real estate here locally. I wanted to create this video to talk to you about the five areas where you can get a little bit of land. As I'm sure most of you know, probably 90% of our area here, so that's like the Temecula- [inaudible 00:00:51] Valley, is going to be track homes. Builders come in, they build a bunch of homes in some sort of a planned community; they're anywhere from a 5,000 square foot lot to maybe a 10,000 square foot lot, and the downside, for some people, is they just don't have a ton of space. So if you want more room, if you want animals, and be able to do horses and different type of things, or store cars, or extra garages and all that good stuff, and you want a little bit of room, these are going to be the top five places for you to live.

They're going to rank them one through five; they're not in any particular order, but we want to give you the best neighborhoods. Number one is a neighborhood here in Temecula that is Meadowview. Meadowview here in Temecula is a great location; it's right here central, it's right here next to the mall. The benefit, it's not like it's far out in the hills; you're seven minutes from the freeway, five minutes from the freeway. Super, super accessible, not an extravagant price point. You're going to see mostly about a half acre to an acre; you'll see some about an acre, so you'll have plenty of space. You'll be able to be close to town and be in a nice area, so Meadowview is going to be super desirable.

Justin Short:
All right, neighborhood number two is going to be out in wine country in Temecula, that's like Rancho California Road, keep going out towards the wineries; that's considered wine country. The benefit out there, you're close to the wineries, you're not too far from town, and you can get more land. You're really going to be anywhere from a half acre to mostly five acres, six acres, up to 10 acres, in a lot of cases. If you want land, you want space, it's a great area for that. For some people, it's going to be a little bit too far out, so you may want to be a little more in town like some of the other communities, but you can definitely get plenty of space and be next to the beautiful wineries out there.

Area number three that we'll go over in Temecula is going to be the De Luz area. That is, again, off of Rancho California Road on the west hand side of the freeway, kind of up in the hills there. Different terrain; super, super green, very hilly, a lot of big green trees and fruit trees, all that type of stuff. Very secluded, because you have the natural topography of the mountains up there, so super cool place. Minimum lot size is going to be about four acres; you'll see them go 10 acres all the way up to 20 acres. You'll definitely get a lot of space, but just not super flat. Some lots are, but definitely more terrain, more hilly. You'll see some hilltop properties, things like that. But De Luz is a great place.

Neighborhood number four is going to be La Cresta. La Cresta is in Murrieta; it's off of Clinton Keith. You go west off Clinton Keith, off the freeway, up in the hills up there. Beautiful area. You're going to have four to six acre lots, for the most part. All custom homes, a lot of unique properties. Definitely a little bit more of a horse community; there's horse trails and all types of good stuff like that. All custom homes, and a really desirable area that a lot of people like. Downside, again, you are a little bit farther out, so you're a little bit up in the hills; you may be 15 minutes from the freeway, that type of thing. But you feel private, so there's some pluses there.

Neighborhood number five is actually going to be your Old Town Murrieta area, so super desirable. It's right here; my office is actually in Old Town Murrieta, so it's like a half mile from us here. It's on the west side of the freeway. It is flat for the most part, so great properties for horses or livestock animals, anything like that, and the other benefit is it's right here in town. You're not up in the hills, you're not secluded. You're minutes away from the mall, you're minutes away from the shopping centers, you're minutes away from schools; there's all types of benefits to being close by. So if that's important, I would recommend looking in the Old Town Murrieta area, and if not, you have all those others to choose from, as well.

So if you're looking for space, if you're looking for animal space, you're looking for doing anything with your property that you can't do in a track home, those are really going to be your five best areas to look in here in the Murrieta and Temecula Valley. Hopefully the video helps you out and keeps an eye for what's possible out there, and if you have any questions you can feel free to reach out any time. All right, thanks guys. Have a good one.

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July 23, 2020

Why should you use a LOCAL Agent

Why should you be using a local agent.




Hey, guys. Hey, this is Justin Short with RE/MAX Real Pros again and wanted to create a quick little video to talk to you about why you should be hiring a local real estate agent. Why that makes a difference to you, and why it's something you should really be paying attention to. So let's go ahead and get into the video.

Hey guys, again, this is Justin Short with RE/MAX Real Pros and I sell real estate. So wanted to create a little video for you here to talk to you about the pros and cons of using a local real estate agent. So right now, with the way that the market is, it's very, very competitive out there, and we're starting to see a lot of people list their homes and use buyers' agents from maybe people that are out of the area. Maybe it's a family friend that lives in LA. Maybe it's someone from Orange County. Probably never been to Murrieta before. Maybe drove by on the freeway, that type of thing. So I want to talk about kind of the pros and the cons.

So I 100% believe that you should be working with a local real estate agent. That's how real estate is sold. It is done by market. Each market is different. The city of Murrieta and city of Temecula, it's a different market than La Jolla, California. I think that's easy to see. So the reason that's important to you is, one, especially right now, when there's not enough inventory, not enough homes for sale, we, as a local agent, we have access to homes that are off market, homes that are not quite on the MLS yet, that are not yet listed, that are coming over the next 30 days. That's a huge thing for you, being able to get access to homes that are not available yet. Not only just through myself directly, but also through the other agents that I know, that I talk with every day.

I have, there's 30, 40, 50 agents that I'm in constant communication with, that we know what's coming up on the market soon, what's available. And a lot of times, we can get you something before it even goes out there on the MLS. So that's a big plus. Not only that, but making sure you know what is going on in the area. What neighborhoods are good. What neighborhoods are not good. What neighborhoods close to hospitals. What neighborhoods are close to the freeways. What neighborhoods have high taxes. What neighborhoods have good schools. What neighborhoods have bad schools. Why different things are going to be important to you.

So I've lived here for 20 years. I know the area like the back of my hand. We have that home knowledge. We sell homes in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, and just kind of the surrounding areas' little pocket. If you're going to buy a home in Pasadena, I'm probably not the right guy to help you. So I think that that's a big deal for people and something that you should pay a lot of attention to.

The other thing, too, is let's say, if you're going to go out and buy a home and you are looking to try and get in them and go set up some showings, if I live in Pasadena, it might take me till Saturday till I can come out and make the drive to Murrieta. That's not the case here if I'm here locally. So if you want to look at the property this afternoon, let's go. We can get in the car. It's right down the street. Especially like right now, when the real estate market is so competitive, it's important, you want to be able to get in there right away. Or if you can't get in there, I can go down there and take a video, send you all the information real quickly, and make sure you don't miss out on your potential home.

So hopefully those are all things that make sense to you. And hopefully you can see the benefits. But I would definitely, definitely, definitely encourage you to use a local real estate agent. If it's me, great. If it's myself and my team and Michelle and all that good stuff, we would love to be the ones to help you. If not, you definitely make sure it's someone that's local because your service is going to be better, your experience is going to be better. And that's how you make sure you know you're getting the right home for yourself.

You can feel free to reach out to me anytime. Again, my name is Justin Short. You're going to see all my information there, and hopefully we'll talk more soon.

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July 16, 2020

Team vs Single Agent

Why you should be using a real estate team rather than just a solo real estate agent



Hey guys. Hey, this is Justin Short and Michelle Virgo and we wanted to create a quick little video to tell you about why you should be using a real estate team rather than just a solo real estate agent. So let's go ahead and get into the video. Hey, guys. Hey, my name is Justin Short.

And I'm Michelle Virgo.

We are with the short real estate team here at ReMax Real Pros and we wanted to create this video for you to tell you about why you should be using a real estate team rather than a solo real estate agent. So when you're going out to buy a home, or when you are listing your home and selling it, there's a lot of things that have to happen. So there's many different aspects. There's paperwork, there's contract, there's timelines, there's inspections, there's all types of things that have to get done. And so, throughout that process, most of it's going to happen within a 30 day period, so we want to tell you about why it's important to have more than one person that's on your side. So rather than the one agent that has to wear all those different hats, you can use a team of people like ourselves.

So that's going to be me, Michelle, we have Keeley who is our assistant, and we have Tiffany, who is our transaction coordinator, that can help handle all these things to make sure it's a better, smoother process for you. So that's the difference with one person rather than a group of people, and I guess we'll kind of go from there.

So, obviously, you know what some of the benefits are for you as the client. Using a real estate team as opposed to using a single agent means that you're going to have more accessibility, you're going to have more professional people on your side taking care of the transaction and holding your hand. Also, obviously on our end, it's going to be more efficient because doing all of those things and wearing all of those hats for a single person is a pretty big job. What that means to you is not only is the transaction going to go more smoothly, but you as a client are going to feel well taken care of. And an added benefit is that this is at no extra cost to you.

Yeah, so at the end of the day, it should just be a positive experience for you. All of these things and the different people that are involved, we're able to hopefully be a smoother process, a more clear process, something that's better understood by you, and hopefully have you as a more satisfied client at the end of the day. So hopefully those are things that make sense to you and show you the benefits of using a real estate team. You can feel free to reach out to us at any time and hopefully we'll be able to talk to you more real soon.

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July 9, 2020

July 2020 Housing Market Update

Coming out of June and Heading into July



Hey guys. Hey, this is Justin Short here with RE/MAX Real Pros, and I'm here with your June 2020 real estate housing market update. So, go ahead and stay tuned to the video. We'll let you know everything that's been going on real estate wise for the last 30 days, and keep you up to date on where the real estate market is. All right, let's go ahead and check it out the video.

All right, hey guys. Hey, so again, this is Justin Short with RE/MAX Real Pros. I am a real estate agent here locally, and wanted to give you all the information about what's going on with our housing market right now in June 2020. So, we are, obviously, coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. I mean, hopefully, health wise, hopefully, everyone's doing well and things are going as good as possible. Obviously, it's still a factor in our day-to-day lives, but on the real estate side, things have really, really, really started moving. So, each week it seems like we're picking up more and more steam, things are continuing to happen. So, right now, I would say probably the last couple weeks the real estate market is really the most competitive, the most amount of offers, most amount of showings, the most activity that I've really ever seen in the last six years that I've been selling real estate.

So it's super, super hot, which is good and bad, depending on what side of the market you're on. But, if anything, it's definite important to know what's going on and what's been happening. So, I brought some stats with me, so I'm going to go over them. So, right now, [Tem-ec-ula 00:00:01:34], one of the big stats we pay attention to is the days on market. So, our average days on market, we're now down to only 11 days on market, which is like nothing. So, typically, we're going to see somewhere between 60 to 90 days is how long the average home takes to sell. Right now, we're down to 11, so that's not even two weeks that the average home is taking to sell. So, that's super, super fast. It's really, really a super heavy sellers market. So, what that means is we're short on inventory. And you're going to see that across the board in some of the other cities, there's just not enough available homes for sale. So, days on market, those are important.

justin short:
The month's supply, so right now we only have 1.7 months supply of inventory. So, what that means is if we put no more homes in the market, we didn't list any more homes in only a little over 45 days all the homes would sell. That is very, very short. That's really not enough inventory. We really need more out there. And the list to sales price. So, the average home right now is selling for 100% of the list price, so they're not getting negotiated down, there's not the time to get that 10, $20,000 discount. Unfortunately, it's just so competitive, it's supply and demand. There's not enough available. And, right now, sellers are getting their list price on their homes. So, a lot of times even going over this price. And so, right now, that shows an average sales price has actually gone up 10% over the last year. So, that's a huge increase. I don't know if we're going to see that continue the rest of the year, but right now in this little pocket of time, you can see the real estate market's super, super competitive.

Marietta, I brought stats from Marietta and Menifee, they're both very similar. Right now, Marietta the average days on market is two weeks, that's 14 days. Again, just not enough homes for sale. You're seeing the average month supply for Marietta only 1.5 months of inventory. The average sales price, again, is 100% of list price is what they're selling for. And they're getting, again, it's almost a 5% jump year over year. So, saying the houses appreciated 5% over what they have last year, and that's a lot of money. So, that's a $500,000 home, 5%, that's $25,000 that they're seeing they've appreciated based on where the market is. So, it's just so competitive. It's so hot right now. It's really definitely a super heavy sellers' market.

Menifee, very, very similar. So, the average days on market is 18, the average home is taking 18 days to sell. The inventory is just about a one and a half months of inventory. Again, homes are selling for list price. And, again, we're seeing an increase of 7%.

So, you're seeing appreciation across the board. And it's really not what a lot of people expected. A couple of months ago, we're in coronavirus, people talking about housing market crash, prices are going to drop, and we're just not seeing that. Things are going up, up, up. There's a strong demand for housing, interest rates are super low. We're seeing multiple offers across the board, and it's a competitive situation.

So, wanted to give you guys all the information. Hopefully, this helps you keep updated on what's going on, so this is June 2020. We'll keep this going once a month, and give you one at the end of July as well. You can feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Again, my name is Justin Short and, hopefully, talk to you more soon. Thanks.

July 2, 2020

Top 5 Neighborhoods

Temecula and Murrieta areas




Hey, guys. Hey, today we are going to go over the top five neighborhoods here in Temecula and Murrieta. Hey, guys. Hey, my name is Justin Short and I sell real estate here with RE/MAX Real Pros. So today I want to give you a little information and let you know what the top five neighborhoods are here in Temecula and Murrieta. So this is a great area. It's a growing area. I've lived here for over 20 years. It's where I grew up, and hopefully it's an area that you'll love as well, too. What people love about the area, they love the fact that housing is inexpensive, especially compared to different parts of San Diego and Orange County and L.A. County. It's much more affordable out here. You get a lot more for your money. The schools are great. It's a newer community. So there's a lot of advantages to living out here. Today, we're going to start at number five.

So number five on our list here is the Harveston Lake Community. So that's actually in the city of Temecula. It's actually kind of on the border of Temecula-Murrieta. It's really a quaint little neighborhood. There's a big lake. There's all types of amenities there as part of the HOA. You can walk around the Lake. You can do all types of things, all types of activities. There's a little shopping center, all types of stuff there. It's right next to the mall, super central location, right next to the freeway. So number four is going to be the Copper Canyon Area, the Copper Canyon neighborhood here in Murrieta. So this is on the west side of Murrieta, which is really desirable area. Right off the 15 freeway, so on the west side there. It's a great school district. Great location. A lot of people love it because it's pretty quiet. There's not a lot of thoroughfares and traffic through. There's nice homes, there's big homes, it's a quiet community. It's just super desirable.

The taxes tend to be on the lower side. It's an area that people always would prefer to live in compared to a lot of the others. So the Copper Canyon Area here in West Murrieta. Number three on our list is the Greer Ranch Community. So Greer Ranch, actually, it's a gated community here in Murrieta, so it's central, kind of north central Murrieta. It's right off of Clinton Keith Road, very close to the 215 Freeway between the 215 and the 15 there. So a great central location. You can jump on access to both freeways. A lot of people like that, especially if you're commuting north, makes it real easy. The location is great. It's gated, it's guard gated, it's super clean, everyone takes care of everything. Super desirable. Some great views there in the hills. And that's neighborhood number three for us here in the area.

Neighborhood number two is in South Temecula. So this is into Temecula and it's Red Hawk Community. So Red Hawk, super desirable. It's a great South Temecula location. Everyone loves living there because the schools. You're a part of the Great Oak High School and there's a lot of other great schools there as well. But Red Hawk, it's a lower tax neighborhood. Most of it is a little bit older, not super brand new construction, so a little bit more matured. The taxes are low. The HOAs are low. It is part of the school district. It's a great location. Especially people like living there if you are commuting down to San Diego, so you can be maybe on more of the south end of town there. And that kind of holds true for number one.

So neighborhood number one is Morgan Hill. So it is definitely, without a doubt, the most desirable neighborhood here in the area. So that's South Temecula, it's kind of at the end of Temecula Parkway to Butterfield Stage there. It's got a great HOA. They definitely have a little bit higher taxes because it's newer construction. It's a newer neighborhood so it's nice and clean, but the HOA is a great value. There's a great community clubhouse. There's all types of amenities. It's super, super well kept. Prices are high in there. It's desirable. It's definitely the number one neighborhood and where everyone would love to be.

Those are the top five neighborhoods that you want to check out if you are thinking about moving here into the Murrieta-Temecula area. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Love to answer any specifics that you may have, or if you're going to disagree with my list, I guess you can do that too. So, again, my name is Justin Short. You'll see all my info there and hopefully we'll talk soon. Thanks.

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June 26, 2020

Home Staging

What are the benefits 



Hey guys. Hey, today we are going to talk all about home staging. So if home staging is something that you've thought about, if you want to know if it's worth it, if you think it's a good idea, or if you should not worry about it, go ahead and check out the video and hopefully be able to answer those questions for you.

Hey guys. Hey, my name is Justin Short and I sell real estate here in Murrieta, California for RE/MAX RealPros. So I am here. I want to talk to you about home staging, about why we stage all of our listings, why I think it's a good idea, and why you should be staging your home or be working with an agent who's going to stage it for you.

Item number one. This is a benefit that we offer to all of our clients, all of our listings. So I hire a stager. We're going to have them come into the home. We're going to do a consultation with you. So what we pay for is they're not going to bring in furniture or anything like that. They're going to do a 30 minute to one hour consult. They're going to walk through the home and they're going to give you a checklist.

So if you're living there, they're going to give you items that they recommend to either remove from the walls, to furniture to remove, furniture maybe to tweak, push to the side, any of those type of things, depersonalize the home, all that type of stuff. So they're going to give you a big checklist. Maybe things do touch up paint and things like that. They'll give you that list to make your home look as good as possible to go up on the market. And really the goal is to declutter, have it look as large as possible, as spacious and it'll help buyers be able to envision themselves there.

So typically, we're going to have our stager go out and do that consultation with you. From there we may do also some additional light staging, like bringing in some different towels and little decorations and things like that. It's going to be on a case by case basis, and we can definitely talk more about that. So a staging consult 100% is going to be a must to get your home looking right to go up on the market.

And then occasionally we will go ahead and bring in furniture. So sometimes, especially if the house is vacant, maybe it looks cold. It's hard for a buyer to know what the house layout is going to look like, what it's going to look like. A lot of times we do encourage our clients to have the house staged professionally. It means bringing in some furniture. Usually it's not too big of a fee. Usually we'll do a 30 to 90 day contract for the furniture to stay there. And really for our clients that have done that when, when it's needed, we see a big, big return on it.

So we went out, we did some research. So statistics say that a staged home sells 78% faster than a non-staged home. Statistics also say that a professionally staged home will sell for up to 10% more than a non-staged home. So these are costs that typically we're going to pay for out of pocket to have the consult, have the recommendations list, all those things. And then typically that's a cost that the seller would pay if they're going to bring in furniture or anything like that. So without a doubt, it makes the photos look better. It makes the videos look better. It makes the marketability of the home better and gets the home to sell faster.

So if your agent is not doing that, I think there's probably something being missed. So I'd highly, highly recommend for you to work with an agent that is going to have your home staged, have that consult done and have your home looking as good as possible to go up on the market.

Feel free, you can reach out to me if you have any questions or you want to talk more about professional staging, why it's a good idea, any of those things. You're going to see all my information. My cellphone number is 951-634-9322. All right, cool. Thanks guys. And hopefully it's helpful. And hopefully talk to you down the line.

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June 18, 2020

Home Improvements

Tope 5 Home Improvements to Increase You Homes Value Instantly



Hey guys. Hey, today we are going to show you the top five home improvements that you can make your home to instantly increase your home's value.

Hey, my name is Justin Short and I sell real estate. I am a realtor here with RE/MAX Real Pros here in Marietta, California. And today I want to give you a little information and let you know the top five things that you can do to help improve your home's home value instantly. So anytime we're talking about repairs, it's always a little bit concerning because we want to make sure we're having the right conversation, right? If you are going to be doing things to fix up your home in order to turn around and sell it right away, it may not be necessarily, these might not be the things that you really want to do right away. These are more improvements that you're going to make to enjoy the property and that will also increase the value whenever you do decide to make that move.

Justin Short:
So because, again, when you're doing these repairs, you don't want to spend, say, $10,000 on fixing up the house in order to turn around and sell it and only get an extra 8,000, right? You want to get a return on that investment. And, well, it's a case by case scenario, but for the most part, these are situations that we do not recommend right away to put your house up on the market. This is something, these are changes we're going to make over time for you to enjoy them, but will also increase the home's value.

Okay. So number one. The number one thing that you can do to increase your home's value is going to be the window replacements. So if your home is older and you have those older black kind of steel-framed windows that are, they're the single pane, maybe double pane, if you're lucky, but they're fogged up, the seal is broken, they're worn, as you replace those, it's pretty significant. The average cost that we found is about $9,000 to replace over throughout the home. But that's something you're going to get a good return on, where you should see a return of about $7,000 when you decide to turn around and sell it. So pretty significant costs. You can put some nice double pane vinyl windows in that'll look really good and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it as well.

All right. Number two is going to be a new front door replacement. So this one that isn't super expensive. That front door is a first impression type item. You want to have that nice door as you come up to the house and make sure it looks nice, and it's a pride of ownership thing for you. So you can get a new door in probably for about a couple of thousand, from everything that we've seen. And that's something that over time you're going to have a pretty solid return on. You should be able to get your money back there.

All right. So number three is going to be a minor bathroom remodel. So we're not talking about a full gut and something where you're going to spend a ton, a ton of money on it, but something where we can do a minor bathroom remodel. So you can go in and put a new vanity in, new sink, new mirrors, new lighting fixtures, new toilet, maybe spruce up the tile a little bit here and there. Something where you can put a little bit of money into it. You're going to get a good solid return there, but we're not talking about spending $20,000 on each bathroom. So a minor bathroom remodel is going to be a good return for you there.

Number four is going to be a minor kitchen remodel. So that may be all new appliances. Let's say your house is from the eighties or early nineties, and you have kind of the dated, old white appliances. Upgrading to some nice stainless steel appliances, you're going to get a really good return on. That's something, they're going to be more efficient. They're going to look better, they're going to work better, all those things. So minor kitchen remodel, it could be like replacing the black splash. We're not talking about a full gut, again, but something where you can go in, spend a good chunk of money on the kitchen, 10 to $15,000, and you can hopefully get that money back when you come turn around to sell the home.

Number five. The number five thing that you can do to increase your home's value is going to be a garage door replacement. So you have kind of that old dated wood door, or even the metal door that you have that's busted, that's creaking, that's falling, it doesn't look good. Replacing it with the new garage door, you can actually pretty much get a clean return on it. So average is going to be about 2,500, $3,000, depending on the size. Or if you have two doors or whatnot, might be a little bit more. But you can actually typically, as a first impression, when you turn around to sell it, curb appeal, it's going to look good. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. And that's something that we would recommend.

So hopefully that list helps you guys out. So again, these are things that you don't necessarily want to do today in order to sell the home tomorrow, but it might be smart to do today to sell your home in a year, two years, and you can get some enjoyment over time and they do also increase home's value. So if you have any questions or specific areas you want to run by me, you can definitely reach out. I have my number. It's (951) 634-9322. Can call or text anytime. And hopefully it's helpful and hopefully talk to you later. All right. Thanks guys. Have a good one

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June 11, 2020

June 2020 Housing Marketing update

How the market is doing as we are coming out of the covid-19 pandemic




Hey guys. Hey, so today we are going to go over the June 2020 real estate market update. So this is the post-COVID real estate market update, as we are pulling out of the pandemic that we had, as we are kind of getting back to hopefully some levels of normalcy. If you're curious on what's going on in home values, hopefully I think you will be surprised in a good way about what's going on. Go ahead and check out the video and stay tuned and hopefully it helps you out.

Hey guys. Hey, my name is Justin Short and I sell real estate here with RE/MAX RealPros here in Murrieta, California. Today, we're going to go over our real estate market update and kind of show you what's been happening in the last few months, what our inventory is looking like, if home values are going down, if they're going up, what exactly is happening as we're pulling out of COVID.

Obviously the pandemic, it's impacted all of us, right? It's impacted me, my personal life, friends, family, it's impacted business, I mean the whole gamut of everything. So hopefully you guys are doing well and first of all hopefully you're healthy and safe with everything that's going on.

So right now, I can tell you personally, our team is busier than we've ever been with real estate. So definitely there was a dip there as COVID, with the lockdown was happening, as things were slowing down, but I would say especially the last two, three weeks, we've been busier than ever. We're seeing more activity on our listings, more showings, more offers written, all the above. So right now the real estate market is actually a super, super hot market. Overall things are looking good. Looking good.

So one of the stats we track is the average days on market, so how long the average home is taking to sell. So we're going to compare it twice. So compared to a year ago, one year ago, so that would be end of May, 2019, the average home was taking about 47 days to sell, which is pretty quick timeline. Fast forward a year later, we're now at about 41 days on average. So the average days on the market has actually gone down just slightly compared to now that we're going post-COVID.

So I think a lot of people are surprised to hear that, surprised to know that there's so many buyers that are out there and the homes that are out there are selling so quickly. So that is positive. It's good for home values. It's good for real estate market.

Not only that, but compared to pre-COVID, so this is mid-March before the pandemic had really taken off here in Southern California at least, we've actually seen the days on market again, decrease. So we were up to about 48 days on average, again, now we're back down to about 42. So again, it just kind of shows you the truth in what we're seeing on our side. We get a lot of offers, a lot of buyers, more showings, all those things are really playing out.

Not only that, but average pricing. So pricing compared to May, 2019 to end of May, 2020, we are actually up on average in the area. So we're up about three to 4%, depending what city, what town we're looking in. Again, there's not enough inventory right now. There's not enough homes for sale. What's out there tends to be selling relatively quickly, and people are still looking to move to this area. It's growing. We have a shortage of housing supply, and we are seeing those values continue to go up.

And then also we keep a track on the overall available listings. So that kind of shows you what's out there, what's available, what exactly is going on. So pre-COVID, we saw about 1,800, almost 1,900 homes on the market for sale and that's here locally. I'm in Murrietta, so I work here, local, our market, Murrietta, Temecula, Menifee, Winchester, Lake Elsinore, Corona, kind of just our little hub. So it's not a huge, huge area, but gives you a good idea of what's happening here. So we saw about almost 1,900 homes for sale. And literally now post-COVID, as we're pulling out of the pandemic and we're going through the different phases, we're right there, just under 1,900 homes available for sale. So that's really stayed constant.

So between that, between where interest rates are at, which rates are super, super low right now ... It's probably a great time to refi for you, but where rates are at, it's really helping to spur the real estate market and we're continuing to see things happen. So we're expecting all of summer to be super busy. The homes that are out there are going to be selling, it seems like pricing is going up just slightly, and things are definitely happening.

So hopefully this has been helpful for you. Hopefully it keeps you up to date on what's going on. We're going to continue these once per month. At least that way what's happening in the real estate market here locally. If you have any questions, you can give me a call. You can give me a text. You'll see all my info, but my cell phone is (951) 634-9322. And again, my name is Justin Short with RE/MAX RealPros. Hopefully talk to you soon.

May 1, 2020

The advantages of professional listing videos

The advantages of professional listing videos



All right guys, today we're here to talk about video. We are going to find out if it makes sense for you to have a professional video done on your home, why we do them in all of our listings, and why I think it's important.

All right, my name is Justin Short with RE/MAX Real Pros, I'm a realtor here locally, and I want to make sure that we're keeping you guys up to date on all the different marketing steps that we're taking and we're having success with here in our business, so let's go ahead and learn a little bit more about video. So professional videos is something you're seeing a lot more of out there, there are some agents out there that are doing them, they definitely would be the rarity, most agents do not. And today we're going to find out if it actually makes sense and if it's worth it for you to have a professional video done on your home, and why we do them for all of our listings.

So the advantages to video, well just like this, it's content that moves, right, people can see it, it's more engaging, people are more likely to watch that video than to look at a few pictures, get through three photos and then move on to the next home. So there's a longer attention span with video. The advantages are it allows your potential home buyer to be able to see your home out there online, be able to get a full walk on video tour, to take a look at kind of what that layout looks like from the dining room to the kitchen, see how open concept it is. Get a better, more panoramic view of the backyard as they're making that tour, incorporate some drone shots to be able to take a look at the property lines and see what type of spacing that is.

I think there's a lot of advantages for people to be able to see that, typically it's going to cut down on the amount of looky-loos they have come in through your home, that don't really know too much about your home, they just saw a couple of photos and want to go take a look at it. It helps narrow down that market to make sure people that are there tend to be a little bit more interested and a little more well-educated on your home. The downside for people, as I'm talking to homeowners, they don't realize that the agent is actually taken on the expense to pay for that video, so not all agents are willing to do that, and that is something that we do on each and every one of our listings.

So we put it out there, make sure we go the extra step and have that piece of marketing done, and we can take your video and run ads. So we can run targeted ads to your potential buyers, they're more engaging because they're video, it's moving, it's a better piece and something that we have more success with. So if you'd like a little more information on videos and if you think it's something that would be helpful to you or any other questions, feel free to reach out and hopefully we'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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April 23, 2020

What are the best school in Murrieta and Temecula?

Are you interested in knowing what the Top 5 Rated Schools are in the Murrieta & Temecula Valley?


Okay guys, we are here, and today we are going to go over the top five schools in the Temecula and Murrieta Valley.

My name is Justin Short. I'm a real estate agent here with RE/MAX Real Pros. I want to make sure I give you all the information on why you might be thinking about moving to the area or what you love about the area already. Let's go ahead and jump into it.

I'm not sure if you already live here in the Murrieta and Temecula Valley or you're just thinking about making the move out this way, but obviously it's a great community. It's newer and a lot of people are continuing to move here. And one of the big draws is the great and awesome school districts. Temecula Valley school district and Murrieta Valley school district are both ranked super, super high. They have high achievement scores, high testing scores, and it's really one of the most desirable reasons why people want to move here to the area.

There's a lot of great schools out there, but here today we're going to rank the top five as according to They do all the research out there. They get the test scores, rank them, look at class sizes. And so hopefully this will be useful for you as you guys are doing your home search.

Number one, the top rated school here in the area is the Red Hawk Elementary School. Location is awesome. They're down in South Temecula, which is south of Temecula Parkway right there in the Red Hawk area. They rank super, super high and they're actually the number one here in the area.

Number two is the Great Oak High School. That is also here in Temecula school district. That's again in the South Temecula area, which is south of Temecula Parkway. That's a super desirable area. A lot of people will actually move there just for their kids to be able to go to high school there. So they'll be here four years and then they'll move out. So Great Oak High School, number two rated school here in the area.

Number three, that is the Alamos Elementary School. That's actually also the Temecula school district. It's kind of interesting because it's located in the city of Murrieta, so you can actually live in the city of Murrieta, Murrieta postal at least, and still be assigned to go to that school in the Temecula school district. So kind of interesting. That's kind of rare for here in the area. So not actually in Temecula city limits.

School number four is the Cole Canyon elementary school. That is here in Murrieta. That's the first school that is in the Murrieta school district. It's actually located on the west side of Murrieta, so for kids that live in the west side of Murrieta. And that would be the number four school here in the Valley.

School number five on our list is the Vista Murrieta High School. That is the first high school here that's on our list in the city of Murrieta, in the Murrieta school district. They're ranked super highly. They have really highly ranked sports teams, they're super competitive in CIF championships games, for all types of different sports. They're ranked number five here in the area.

That's our top five lists here in the area. There's a lot of great schools that are out there. You may have a different opinion if you already live out here, so if you want to tell me more about your opinion, if you think I missed something or if you'd like more information about the school district lines, or to see if a certain house would be a right fit for you to make sure your kid can go to the right school, more than happy to help, so you feel free to reach out anytime. Hopefully this was helpful and hopefully talk to you soon.

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